This Yoga Nonprofit Pairs Mental Health Resources with Asana to Help You Heal


When Kala MacDonald’s brother Jordan was murdered in 2013, the then-24-year-old channeled her pain into taking every workout class she could afford. While others were burning calories, MacDonald found herself trying to burn off emotions. For years, yoga had been just another form of exercise to her, but in the aftermath of her brother’s death, heated vinyasa quickly became a vital part of her self-care routine in a way she hadn’t experienced before: On the mat, MacDonald found healing. “I wasn’t there to focus on the external shape of my body anymore,” she says. “I was there so I could get out of the house and be around people and be told to breathe.”

But the financial burden of regular instruction posed a challenge. MacDonald found creative workarounds to deepen her practice, cleaning studios in exchange for classes and working two jobs to fund a yoga teacher training in Bali. Yoga became a path forward in life.

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