How Yoga Teachers Can Get Clear on Their Vision & Purpose


As a mentor to yoga teachers around the world, yoga educator and author Barrie Risman says that this is the perfect moment to apply yoga’s principles. Through deep reflection and self-inquiry, yoga teachers can clarify why and what they are offering, in order to reconnect with their heartfelt intention and stand strong in what they envision for themselves and their students. 

Yoga teachers, now, more than ever, the world needs what you have to offer. But it’s easy to get caught up in the urgency of a shifting industry. How can you move beyond fear and anxiety, and share with confidence and clarity? Join Barrie Risman for a live four-session series to reconnect with your roots and realign with your vision and purpose. Class starts September 16—sign up today!

These days, like many of us, there are moments when I’m in mourning for the yoga world that was, with thriving in-person communities that bolstered our connections with like-minded others and nourished our commitment to the practice. Throughout retreat season here in Quebec, memories of past events popped up on my feed all summer long. With places around the world slowly opening up, teachers have reached out to me with questions about how, when, where, and if they will go back to giving in-person classes. There are so many questions and very few clear-cut answers.

As I’ve seen some big-name, corporate studios close their doors, I admit that on one hand I’m relieved to see that the unsustainable bubble of chains and teacher-training machines may finally be bursting for good. At the same time, my heart goes out to small, local studios that are struggling. As a former neighborhood studio-owner myself, I know firsthand the commitment and sacrifice that goes into supporting an in-person community, and the tremendous value you bring to the lives of your students.

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